The countdown is ON

9 weeks to go … Time has flown by and we were only just commenting today on how 2 1/2 years ago, we had everything well and truly ready including a hospital bag for Vicky.

This time around it is different it seems – more relaxed (or certainly for Simon) and as a result his room has not yet been decorated, and there is still lots to do.

Simon has dug out a small patch of grass in the back garden (behind the fence where the bins etc are presently) that will be the permanent home for the shed, so that we can get on in building the climbing frame and swings / slide etc for the boys.  Hopefully, the existing shed can be moved as early as next weekend – just depends on Simon’s ability to arrange some sand to go under the shed as the base.

Simon bought a cross trainer during the week last week, so has already been in for three sessions.  It is a really cool model (NordicTrack AudioStrider 900) that has a wireless heart rate monitor, so Simon is able to train and ensure that the heart rate is always being followed closely.  Just need to figure out exactly when he will actually be able to use it.  He found out that 8:30pm is not a good time, as he came off it feeling wide awake and as a result was unable to sleep that night – the first night – guess it could have been new toy excitement 🙂

Getting old – up last night until just after midnight, up this morning with Elliot @ 7:30, and Simon is absolutely knackered – it’s only 7:40 pm !! Oh dear….

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