Weekend gone already !!!

Weekends just fly by, don’t they ? 🙁

We have bought Elliot a new lower tog duvet today as he has Simon’s body temperature and as a consequence it always too hot during the night.  We also bought him some new pyjamas that are lighter weight to help with the excessive heat he generates at night 🙂

We also bought Pepsi and Max a new plastic dog bed – we put their existing covered duvets into the new bed and now they have two beds downstairs.  Over the last few weeks we have been slowly, yet consistently, migrating them downstairs overnight.  It has taken a month to go from their being upstairs each night, to being downstairs every night.  i.e. 1 night downstairs, two up for a week, then one up, two down for a week, then one up and three down for a week, then one up, four down, then all down.  Pepsi has been fine with the transition from he get-go, but Max, had a couple of weeks of whining from about 4am.  This has stopped now, although strangely the pair of little buggers do seem to “hear” more stuff outside from downstairs.  Prob much better for security in fairness.

Vicky is going to get her car back tomorrow at some point and is really looking forward to it.  We saw the car yesterday at Clare’s – Vicky was tempted for a moment to go home and get the keys and take it home – then wait to see how long it would be before her Dad called to say that he had lost it… 🙂

Oliver is really kicking his mummy’s butt at the minute – he is really zapping her energy in a big way at the minute.  10 weeks to go…..

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