Oliver on video

We got the 3D photographs on Friday but we also got some DVD footage of Oliver.

It is 8:30 pm and has just started to snow again – pretty heavy downfall presently, so tomorrow morning could well be fun again.  WHY does it always have to be on a Monday morning 🙁 Would have been much better had it started on Friday night and then been OK for Monday travel to the office etc.

We have bought a new mattress for Oliver this weekend – just need to swap it for the old one in the cot bed.  We also got a new mattress (of sorts) for the Moses basket.

We also found this weekend that Apple have finally opened up the options to download music that can be used on non-Apple devices – result !! 🙂 Perhaps this signals the last day of buying CD’s in stores – can buy online via iTunes Store and have it available for any of the players in Fork Hall within minutes.

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