Jimmy Carr in the ‘fax

We went to see Jimmy Carr in Halifax on Monday night – what a great night.  The seats were a little cramped, the area got very warm as the night progressed and the snoring from the guy next to Simon was difficult to ignore.  Yes folks, that’s right, Gregory May went to be entertained by a top class comedian to fall asleep while waiting for him to come on and then pretty much miss the first half……. Almost as funny as Jimmy himself 😉

Elliot stayed at Grandma’s while Vicky and Simon went along with other Grandma and Granddad (the one who slept through the show…)

We have Lenny Henry coming up in the next couple of weeks in Leeds so that is something to look forward to as well 🙂

Oh, and lastly apparently this was not particularly clear in the Florida holiday blogs – while we were there, we all went go-karting and when the race was on, somehow it was arranged that Simon got the crap kart – you know the one that is slower than the rest.  Result, he was beaten – life sucks – next time maybe the karts will be more on a par with each other….. 😉

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