BT continue to amaze us at their crap customer service

It has taken three weeks and a final request to cancel the broadband line to actually get BT to pull their act together and sort the issue out.

 It is a real shame that they won’t admit to having too many folks online and hence somebody somewhere must be penalised.  That somebody WAS us until late on Friday – we are sure it will be us again in the future 🙁

We have an “up to 8Mb connection” with BT – something that they offered to us 18 months ago when the then 2Mb connection could be bettered.  Strange that now when the brown stuff hits the fan that it seems that we only have a 512Kb connection….. One is left wondering how these thieves can charge so much money for something that the clearly are unable to deliver upon.

Bottom line – 6+ months ago, we had 5+Mb, then 5 or so months back we were pulled to 3.5Mb (after Simon argued about only getting 1Mb !!!). Now we are down to 2Mb at best but that BT will only say 512Kb when asked about the actual number.

This is all very strange given that if you pop our postcode in, the system suggests 5.5Mb is available – once you pop in the phone number, BAM we are down to 512Kb folks…. 🙁

All in all, it is crap, and then to top it all they allowed us to “buy” BT Vision (requires 2Mb connection) and hence somehow managed to small print an additional 12 months rental on the broadband line.  We are ready to do battle – given that the Vision requires 2Mb and BT will only give 512Kb that contract can’t possibly stand – the heat is on …….

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