Sick as a dog :-(

The baby sleeps and now the dog is up all night being sick…….. TYPICAL

Max has clearly been dining on a few of Simon, Vicky AND Elliot’s socks over the last few weeks. Thus far he has passed 3 socks through his rear end and 1 came back up via vomit last night. The one that came up last night has been missing for almost 3 weeks !!!

He has been sick three times in total, although all incidents were this morning so we are hopeful that we may be passed the worst of it – the vet suggests ensuring that he continues to be hydrated and that he eats and does not bring it all back again 🙁

We are kind of hoping that he is not going to require an operation to remove the final items – we are really not sure how many there could be – but it could be another 2 or 3 socks 🙁

The Belgian potion that Francesco and Sophie gave to us for Elliot’s teething seems to really work – the little guy slept right through last night – the first time in almost 3 weeks. Let’s see how we get on over the next few days.

Vicky pointed out today that he now sits up properly when taking a bath…

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