Easter in Windermere

2 weeks have passed since the last entry – we apologise – we have been busy enjoying the lake district by having two fabulous weekends in the May’s lodge.  We have spent a little cash, drunk a lot of alcohol, slept a little (thanks Elliot 🙁 ) but have a FAB time.  Photos from the trip(s) will be available as soon as time permits.

We invested in a child carrier called a KidComfort III from a company called Deuter (www.deuter.com) that Elliot absolutely loves.  We have not used his pushchair really at all since buying the carrier, as it contains many pockets to hold changes of clothes and food etc, and is very comfortable from a carrier point of view – Elliot seems content with it from the point of view of the guy who is sitting in it – typically is asleep within a few minutes of getting in 🙂

Also, on Easter Sunday, Elliot’s FIRST TOOTH came through on his jaw on his right hand side – typically it was not Vicky or Simon that noticed it but his cousin Becca 🙂 What great parents – not noticing something so important – we apologise Elliot.

Simon worked from the lodge on Thursday before the Easter Bank Holiday weekend, and then travelled directly to the office today – saving time and maximising the break.

We think that we will spent mucho time in the lakes this year and next at the very least as it is tres accessible to Simon from work, and it a fab place to go to be away from it.

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