Biking in the snow

Yesterday, Simon and Ed nipped out on the bikes in driving snow on the far North Yorkshir hills. We drove in Penny all the way past Richmond to a little town called Reeth where we left the car and head out. It was a nice road climb to the hills where the snow appeared and gradually got deeper and deeper to the point where we had almost 6 inches of snow to contend with and no easily recognisable paths across the fields 🙂

Ultimately we were faced with whiteout conditions where you could not see more than 20 feet in any direction and Simon actually found it was getting harder to see the route that Ed had taken ahead of him – the driving snow felt like grit being thrown into our faces 😐

We followed the road until we made it back to the main road that we had come in on, and then followed the four miles back to the car – cold wet hands took almost 15 minutes to come back to sense when we did get back and we had managed 20km of a 32km ride. The views prior to the whiteout were utterly outstanding and the bike shop / cafe were awesome – lovely home made cakes and hot food along with fresh ground coffee – we will deffo be heading back there asap – hopefully Lee will join us next time 🙂

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