Justin’s Stag + curry for the kids in Grangemoor

Simon set off at 10am to the railway station in Wakefield yesterday to meet Justin and pals for his Stag drinking event in Leeds. A Costa and two bacon rolls were acquired to line the stomach and then he joined the growing crowd on platform 2 at the city’s Westgate station. The train was 10 minutes late and so by the time the train finally arrived there was quite a large number of people (most were suited and booted – presumably heading to the races in York) so the train was standing room only. 

We arrived in Leeds at 11:15 and Simon met the gang at the White Rose pub in the station and we head out. It was a fun afternoon with no drama although poor Dan did have a small mishap as his fourth pint (a peroni) was placed on the table (as yet untouched) and as he opened a bag of crisps, the glass simply exploded, draining the beer all over the little table and floor. It seemed that this happened a lot as the staff simply issued another and mopped up the evidence…

A couple of Gregg’s finest pasties were grabbed as we passed the store as it became obvious that lunch wasn’t happening until much later in the afternoon and we stopped for a couple of scoops as we waited for another group of friends to arrive from Halifax.

It took us about 10 minutes to find a pub hidden away opposite the Victoria Quarter called the Angel and we all stood outside enjoying their finest and chatting away.

It was at this point that Simon and Tim departed the group to head back to Wakefield to review Tim and Heather’s wedding photos and go out for tea with the boys.

We decided to head to the new Bandladeshi and Indian restaurant in Grangemoor as Simon still had the voucher for the place that Grandma and Granddad bought him for his birthday. The boys shared a butter chicken and a garlic naan, but ended up eating daddy’s naan as well and much of everyone else’s meal – wow they were hungry and loved everything that had been prepared for us. There was no stopping Elliot’s hunger and he seeming loved everything that was available to him – we will definitely be going back there as the kids loved it, the service was super attentive and the priced pretty good (even without the voucher).

Plus,cue need to try something with more spices as we did feel that the meals were not as spiced as we thought they would be so clearly need to upgrade our order next time 🙂

The wedding pictures are really, really good – the photographer has really captured some incredible moments for Tim and Heather. We won’t share them on here but by all means come and see them at ForkHall 🙂

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