Olly’s Birthday Garden Party

Yesterday we had a lovely garden party for Olly’s (and Daddy’s) birthday with some of his school friends.

We awoke yesterday morning to torrential rain fall and began to panic about the upcoming garden party. Daddy went to swimming lesson with Oliver and Elliot while mummy began to prepare the house for the party in the afternoon. After swimming the boys went up to Gracie’s house in Overton to walk down to the Mining Museum to enjoy the LEGO exhibition that was running for the bank holiday weekend. Again, it was still raining so raincoats and umbrellas were required to stay dry during the short 15 minute walk.

The LEGO exhibition was really, really good and the boys thoroughly enjoyed themselves right up to the point where we realised that there was a shop at the end of the exhibits…. 🙁

We had a few sulks when the boys realised that daddy was not joking when he said that we were not buying anything today…

As we got home the rain began to let up a little and we found that the bouncy castle had been delivered – we were just hoping for sunshine.

Thankfully we got a break in the rain for over 5 hours so the children were able to play outside and fully enjoy the bouncy castle and the garden. It also meant that daddy was able to grill the food on the BBQ 🙂

We all had a fab time and then David and Julie arrived with Abbie just as the children had left Olly’s birthday party – we then sat and had a great time for the next 7 or so hours right up until around midnight – cracking evening 🙂

Today is all about clearing up, cleaning the outdoor seats and fixing a few things around the house such as the guttering that needed the gunge removing and painting the wall in the lounge from the red wine incident from a few weeks ago 🙂

Typically, the sun is shining brightly today – let’s hope it is here to stay a while 🙂


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