Biking in Grizedale Forest

The boys took a Friday night trip to Windermere for a few cheeky pints before staying at Eds place and heading out to Grizedale Forest first thing on Saturday morning.

It was pretty cold (1 Celcius) but only a relatively short trail (circa 10 miles) but it was pretty hard going – daddy has half a cold so wasn’t feeling 100% so it took about half the ride to actually feel in the zone – the forest track sections were really good with lots of jagged rocks to keep us on our toes. The black section was visited at the end of the ride and added about another 2 miles to the overall tally as we had to get all the way back to the top of the hillside – daddy did a great job of falling off right at the top in front of the chaps who were repairing the trail – to their amusement 🙂

We hope to be able to get back there sometime as it was a lot of fun all told, just a long way to go there and back in a day.

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