A 40th Birthday to remember :-)

The day started with cake – the boys particularly enjoyed chocolate cake for breakfast 🙂 Apparently we need to do it more often 🙂

Daddy was then treated to a happy birthday sing along at school where Jessica (and Gracie) had recruited and subsequently run a small choir as we approached the Junior school 🙂

Following this, it was over to grandma and granddad’s for a quick fruit tea and super gifts before heading over to Halifax (via Costa for breakfast part 2) for lunch at Holdsworth House with mum and Nard. Nard and Simon took on a cheeky 2004 Rioja and Simon had a lovely fillet steak for lunch.

Then back to Silcoates to watch Olly in this swimming lesson before waiting for Elly to finish his first golf lesson and then all of us head out to Pizza Express for dinner. The boys were both keen to head to Pizza Express for some reason so we enjoyed a pizza and of course the cheeky dough balls 🙂

Finally home again where a rather nice Ehlers 120/80 has been opened and is almost fully deployed at the time of writing.

The best day it could possibly have been – THANK YOU to everyone from the choir this morning though to Nard and Vicky for helping Simon polish off the vine rouge 🙂

A day to remember forever – thank you all.


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