Poorly Olly :-(

Poor Olly actually fell asleep during read write inc at school yesterday – apparently he was DEVASTATED and full of apologies to Miss Dix 🙁

He burst into tears when mummy collected him after school telling her that he had waited ages for her and thought she wasn’t coming for him.  When mummy asked why he didn’t tell anyone that he was not feeling well he said that he didn’t know he was poorly – poor little mite.  By the time they got home, he had a 39 degree fever and was clearly not well 🙁

He slept in mummy’s bed overnight and sadly neither of them got much sleep, and to top it all poor Olly still has a raging temperature of almost 40 degrees EVEN with Calpol AND ibruprofen in him 🙁

Elliot is of course also not feeling very well as the sympathy sickness kicks in – but thankfully he is manning up and has agreed with mummy that he will walk into school today without mummy as Olly isn’t fit to make the walk – good boy Elly – we are super proud of you.

Olly, get well soon buddy – enjoy the day with the Xbox and stay wrapped up – daddy has a couple of presents for you that he knows will make you feel better – Mater and Randolph for Disney Infinity 🙂


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