Central Heating Fail

Over the last few weeks, Simon’s OWL Smart Central Heating thermostat has come under increased pressure as the house has simply not been warm enough and the device seemed (at times) incapable of firing up the boiler.  So, last weekend Simon swapped out the thermostat for the original manual model to see what happened.  Thankfully (for the OWL) the heating also failed to kick in on multiple times with the standard thermostat, so when British Gas came to service the boiler etc on Wednesday, they were rather quickly dispatched onto locating the problem.  It transpires that a valve in the boiler was at fault along with a sensor.  So the boiler believed that it had infact fulfilled the requirement for extra heat to the tank even though this was not the case.  Accordingly this has probably been this way for a LONG time and we will most likely find that the hot water in the taps is now way warmer and that it will last much longer too.  We have definitely complained a LOT over the last couple of years about the fact that you can fill a bath once and then have to wait 20 minutes before could use the shower (while the water heats up again) so *maybe* this will be a challenge of the past 🙂

The OWL is now back online and functional again having been absolved of blame 🙂

We were also advised that the boiler is now well and truly out of service (in the respect of you can no longer buy the boiler and that spare parts are now becoming unavailable) so there is every chance that IF we have problems with it downstream, we might need to replace it 🙁  Also, the boilermate tank in the airing cupboard is a POS and we should be more worried about it than the boiler…. Oh good…


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