Wet and Cold on New Years Day :-)

We head out early this morning for a family walk with the Drewett’s at the Rother Valley Country Park.  The roads were really nicely empty but there was a little drizzle in the air.  We thought nothing of it as it would surely clear up nicely in time for our walk – PLUS we were heading South so it was bound to be better South right?

We got out of the car at 10:30 and popped on our rain coats and wellies – the walk was approximately 5k and at about 2k Lee mentioned that it could be worse, the rain could be harder and the win built up – so guess what…..  that’s right about 4 minutes later BOTH of the aforementioned conditions occurred 🙁

By the time we got to marker 4k, we were soaked and very cold – the kids did do well all things considered to make it all the way around without having significant meltdowns 🙂

We had taken a picnic although we all agreed to go get a hot chocolate / tea / coffee to warm through first 🙂

Following a change of clothes (thankfully Daddy had popped the big bag containing a change of clothes for the kids) and the warm drink warm up, we enjoyed our picnic in the car 🙂 The picnic facilities were open air of course and so were somewhat unsuitable for our use today 🙂

Finally we head homeward via Lee and Caroline’s for a brew or two – the kids played on the Wii with Jessica.

Finally, tonight is about our TAX returns – Vicky owes a small fortune and SImon managed to get a £3.50 refund – yay – enough for a bottle and a half of San Francisco’s finest Anchor Steam beer 🙂

And relax……  work tomorrow….

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