Quick Weekend

Daddy didn’t get home from America until 8am on Saturday and then went out with mummy to the Silcoates Year 2 parents mini Christmas Party at the Leeds Royal Armouries. Plenty of coffee was used to keep Simon awake and mucho drinking and dancing was the result of the evening. Think everyone had a great time on the night, even if we did feel tender on Sunday.

As a direct result, we didn’t get out to the cinema with the boys on Sunday and didn’t manage to get a sunday lunch out either. Simon crashed and burned on Sunday afternoon and just slept on the sofa šŸ™ As it happens the boys were totally OK with staying in as it meant that they were up for XBOX time šŸ™‚

Simon is looking forward to a break over Christmas as being away from the family is really hard each week so nearly 2 weeks out will be very welcomed and very well timed šŸ™‚

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