Elliot’s parents evening tonight…

The boys had to stay in late lates tonight as it was Elliot’s parents evening and daddy managed to arrange to work from hom so that he could attend. We had managed to get an early appointment so that we could see Miss Price before taking the boys home for dinner and then to take them on to Martial arts.

Elliot is perhaps as we might expect getting on really well with his mathematics and his reading and spelling (he has scored 10/10 for every spelling test so far this year !!!! He needs to focus his efforts on practising his handwriting and also being brave in class in having a go at answering class questions – he has a tendency to not want to get involved unless he is super confident that he has the right answer 🙂

We are super proud of his achievements to date and will be helping him with his handwriting practise and can only hope that his confidence continues to build as time progresses.

Oliver on the other hand is being somewhat of a devil at the moment – on the way home from school he caused problems in the car and ended up sitting in it for a while on the driveway by himself as we got home because his temper had got the better of him and he would not get out. So, following spending a little time to contemplate in his bedroom, we decided that he needed a little time with daddy 1:1 while mummy took Elliot to Martial arts on his own. Oliver is clearly struggling with his temper at the moment and we are trying to help him – although it is difficult at times when he is acting up in full flow 🙁

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