Daddy’s first week in his new job

So far it is going well in sunny London, with reasonably long days and daddy still managing to get to talk to the boys and mummy.  Last night was funny and worthy of calling out however – daddy called to speak to the family at around 5:30 as he was joining the company fitness group at 6pm.  When mummy put the house phone onto speakerphone, Oliver said “hello daddy, this is Oliver Rust speaking…” cracked us all up 🙂  Elliot shortly after followed suit of course 🙂

The cost of being here is quickly becoming clear so Simon is going to try using the car and finding a hotel that is much further afield to see how / if that works out OK.

So, as eluded to, last night was the company fitness group, so Simon decided to join in as a good means of building relationships etc with various parts of the business – turns out there were 6 or 7 people attending and that it was not just a 5K run (as Simon had thought it would be.  It was a 1.5k jog to a gym and then a 45 minute circuit training session.  MAN it was hard work and Simon is really feeling the pull this morning 🙂  His body has not gone through circuit training for over 20 years since being at school in Bradford so this was a leap into the fire-pit in many respects.  Let’s just hope he can walk and carry his gear home tomorrow night 🙂

Looking forward to cuddling the family again – roll on Friday night: 20:40 🙂  See you soon guys, love you XXX OOO

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