Spare room finished – lounge on the cards

We have finally finished the spare room and it is awaiting the bed (this Sunday hopefully) before it is ready to use – all set for cuckoo in two weeks 🙂

The ground floor WC is also finished with a New York print on the wall and a new light fitting installed – all looks cool and only took 20 months from having the room done in the first place…. 🙁

Vicky decided that the lounge could do with a refresh so the paper has been selected (£50 a roll so it had better go on well…… no pressure then) and curtains picked out – just need to find a suitable colour to sit on the two walls on either end of the room – deep burgundy colour is the current favourite (not big walls due to the windows so the colour will not be overpowering). We took the first layer of the existing feature wall green paper off tonight although will be needing the services of a wallpaper remover to get the backing off – sadly the guy that put it up seems to have trapped lots of grit behind the paper so this is obviously still there and while the backing of that paper could make a good backing paper, the sheer volume of bumps etc will show through on the new paper quite badly we think 🙁

All this needs doing before Simon starts his new job in two weeks so again, no pressure.

Finally, we hope to get Bruce’s wheels in the next 48 hours so that needs fitting in as well….

Busy, busy busy…..

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