Last night daddy went out cycling with Ed and they started up at Ed’s place in Overton and basically went on an exploration trek.

They got into the top end of Coxley woods by the prison and decided to head over towards Bretton. They got into the Bretton country park and then nipped down towards Clayton West and then up towards Emley. As they neared Emley it was beginning to get a little late and a little dark so opted to try to find some paths / bridle ways through the fields to get back to Overton.

Well, it became a bit of a mess as we were clearly on heavily overgrown footpaths that we really shouldn’t have been on but took the view that they were that overgrown that it really didn’t matter too much. The final field had just been ploughed and was super dry – hence there were huge dried up divots and no pathway so pushing the bikes was in order. The farmer was in the field next door in his huge ploughing machine and clearly he caught sight of us, so moved his tractor / machine to the entranceway and just waited. The guy was clearly after an argument / fight as he started out effing and jeffing – brilliant. At least it hag ace us yet another topic of conversation for future meets šŸ™‚

All in all a good ride out but with the knowledge that there are no bride ways etc over on the Emley hillside. Next time the trek down the side of Coxley woods is required – not allowed inside the woods as there is a large nature reserve in there so pedestrians only.

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