Dalby Forest on the Mountain Bike

Daddy set off early doors with Lee and Sam with the destination set as Dalby Forest over on the East Coast, with the mountain bikes on the roof of Lee’s car.

It was a relatively painless 1 hour 20 minute journey and we were off on the trail by around 9:30am.

This is a BIG forest with a 35k / 22 mile trail if going on the red route – which we were with a splattering of black along the way.

Overall, it took four hours with 2 hours 58 minutes of riding (we had a 40 minute stop midway at the cafe for a toilet and refreshment (Lucozade) break) with the last 1 hour 30 minutes being gruelling for daddy 🙁

It was just shy of 35 km and we will definitely go back – in daddy’s opinion this was the better trail centre that we have been to so far.

Daddy only fell off twice but seems to have sustained a little damage to Barbara the first time so there is a little clanking in the mechanism that holds the front fork in place – just needs some lab time to figure out how to remove the fork and refit 🙂

Then to top it all, as daddy was helping Elliot put the toys away in the conservatory he somehow managed to cut his right little finger open on one of the toy boxes – no idea how as there are no sharpe edges etc – muppet.

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