Great meal out last night

Carvoeiro was the destination but we had not selected the restaurant. Once we arrived via the free shuttle Olly went into meltdown as he wanted to eat NOW. The downside being that it was merely 5:30pm and many of the restaurants had not yet opened for business. We finally settled in a Mediterranean place called Medici that incidentally was next door to the restaurant that we had eaten in some nights earlier during the week.

The food was without question the best of the holiday and the wine was also pretty good :-). Once we had begun to get some food into the boys they also became better in their mood :-). The only slight dampener on the evening was when Oliver decided to bite a piece out of the glass that he was drinking from. How he didn’t cause himself damage is anyone’s guess but thankfully he did not cause damage.

A nice ice-cream by the ocean front ended the evening before getting a taxi back to the resort with the kids getting tucked into bed by 9pm.

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