Car rented for a few days…

We decided today to rent a car to do a little exploring for a few days – a €35 daily rental ended up being €100 per day of course once it became clear that we wanted five doors and A/C. So, a little Mitsubishi Colt was dropped off for us tonight at 6pm and we have already been out to Portimao and Lagoa on a small trip, before stopping off at an Italian restaurant in Carvoeiro for dinner. The service in the restaurant was incredibly slow – took almost 2 hours 🙁 so a good job the food was pretty good. The boys did well to behave as well as they did for the whole time as they were clearly very bored and tired come the end.

To top it off, we returned to the car and daddy was struggling to get the key in the lock. He quickly realised that the rest of the Rust clan weren’t at the car… turns out they were at the car, just that daddy was trying to get into the WRONG car !!!!

It has been a relaxing but chilly day today – the sun didn’t make its presence felt until 6pm so we have actually had a home day today reading / playing etc.

Tomorrow, we go in search of shopping… 🙂

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