Slide & Splash Water Park Day

Reasonably early start today as we were collected by coach at 9:40am and 20 minutes later we were at the Slide & Splash Water Park in nearby Lagoa. Accordingly the best water park in the Algarve, but given it is the only one we have been to, we can’t really compare πŸ™


We pretty much arrived as the park opened so the first few slides were without queues of consequence and the boys found a cool slide (number 6 on the photo) that they enjoyed playing on as they could just go round and round having go after another :-). We have lots of photos of the action and even a couple of bits of video that we will sort out when we get home.

Daddy managed to coerce both boys to go on the black hole (number 5 on the photo) which was a double tube that rides down through a pitch black tube for about 30 seconds before breaking out into a large pool. Both boys loved it although thankfully were not bothered about immediately going back on – the queues were beginning to be reasonably significant πŸ™‚

Olly and Daddy also went on the Tornado (number 20) which was a huge wait (30+ minutes) for a decidedly average ride. Olly enjoyed it however, so all was not wasted πŸ™‚

The children’s section was pretty good as well with plenty of little slides for the boys to enjoy and they actually spend upwards of an hour just messing about in the actual swimming pool (number 19) which admittedly they.could have done at the apartment complex for no charge….

This definitely is the sort of water park that older kids and young adults would invariably have a great deal of fun as some of the slides looked awesome – for example, slide number 7 was mega fast and looked like a good thrill ride if you wanted it to be – we have some video of some average riders – sadly the thrill seekers were always just after or just before the camera came out….

All in all a great day out that for us was worthy of the cash as Olly got in FoC and the rest of us were on a family ticket that basically got Elly in FoC also πŸ™‚

Early night now for our sleepy boys …. Zzzzzzz

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