Swimming unaided again :-)

A pool day today which has nicely born some handy fruit πŸ™‚

A couple of years ago we were holidaying in Maui and Elliot learned to swim in the pool at the house we rented. Sadly his confidence took a kick an he subsequently ‘forgot’ how to swim. Anyway, today we were swimming in a deep pool (2.5 metres) and Elliot was very keen to be able to jump in and have his feet touch the bottom. Well it was never going to happen with his arm bands on as they are super buoyant so daddy persuaded him to try with only two bands (instead of the four that he was using) and he reluctantly gave it a go. Still unable to get close the bottom we suggested losing another band and then another one. Mummy and Daddy were both in the pool so he was comfortable that we would ‘save him’ should he be unable to keep afloat. Well, Elliot rapidly realised that he could float so jumped in again only this time he wanted us to get further back to let him do it on his own and to enable him to swim the 10 feet back to the steps.

An hour later he was swimming breaststroke, backstroke and reaching the bottom of the pool every second or third try. Let’s just say he is VERY pleased with himself right now and has declared that he will not be requiring the armbands tomorrow :-s



Finally we captured some on video for his web friends an family to see πŸ™‚ Olly of course was in on the action too although his confidence WAY outshines his ability at the moment πŸ™‚ Sorry folks, the video refuses to upload from here πŸ™ will have to wait until we return…

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