3 hours later than expected, but we are here :-)

We finally walked through the door of our apartment at 10 pm last night. Poor Olly was struggling as his temperature spiked to 40 degrees on the plane and then again as we got into the apartment. Where would we be had we NOT got the antibiotics before we left ? Dread to think….

To top it all, poor Olly has been sick in the night as well 🙁 poor little mite – thankfully the tonsils are out soon….

Anyway, the apartment is fab – two bedrooms and importantly the kids room is handily next to the bathroom, but away from the kitchen, lounge and patio (well, outdoor area as we are on first floor). Special thanks to Grandma and Grandad as they left some goods for us (they actually stayed here during last week) and the resort staff had put them into the apartment for us, including popping relevant stuff in the fridge so we had cold drinks ready when we walked through the door 😀

So far it seems super quiet at the complex and we are far enough away from the main pool etc to make this stay this way :-). Evenings are going to be lovely :-). Just need some provisions (going after breakfast) to help sort out a few things 🙂


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