Bruce in Garage but in Leeds not Guiseley

Landrover Assist came out to see Brice first thing this morning and concluded that the driver door locking mechanism is faulty and will most likely need replacing. So we elected to take the car to the Farnell dealership in Leeds (rather than driving all the way over to Guiseley AGAIN) to be fixed. While it is meant to be the same group company, it does not have the me feel about it from our first impression but at least it is only 10 or 12 miles away rather than being nearly 30 away.

They have called Vicky this evening and have confirmed that the door lock on the driver door is indeed faulty and have ordered a replacement. They have also ordered new wheel arches as apparently they were also failing and needed replacing. All good news for us as it costs us nothing to have the car enhanced 🙂

Anyway, we should have the car back by the weekend and then we will just have to wait and see for how long we are good before it needs to go in again. Sadly it does appear to have come to the feeling that it is a bit of a lemon – hopefully we will get a good few months of painless ownership to erode the ill feeling that we have of the car at present.

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