Bruce is A-OK from the crash last night

Simon spent just over an hour with the rear bumper last night and managed to get 98% of the scratches out from the little accident we had on the way home.

Given that Landrover assist were coming out this morning to check the rear brakes (again) we asked the chap to take a look and comment on damage.  He confirmed Simon’s diagnosis that we did not sustain any serious damage and Bruce is therefore A-OK.

The poor young lady tat ran up the back of us is sure to still be shook up (looked like her first real crash in fairness) so Vicky rang both her and her dad to explain that we were in good shape and needed to go no further.  Simon will finish the polishing out (to get that last 2%) nearer the summer when he spends a couple of days detailing the car and re-protecting with the waxes etc.

A lucky escape for all concerned 🙂


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