Bruce poorly :-(

Yesterday Simon called out Landrover Assist to come and take a look at the rear passenger side wheel hub as Vicky had experienced significant smoking from it last week while on the motorway.

The dealership in Guiseley could not fit the car in for a few weeks so they suggested calling on LR Assist.

Impressed doesn’t cover it – the technician was out within 30 minutes of the phone call and had the wheel and hub off in no time at all.  He found no issue with the hub etc but could see that there was significant heat damage caused by a sticking parking brake, so he requested that the car be taken into a dealer to have the brake lines inspected thoroughly.  This meant taking the car to a dealership and leaving with them BUT LR Assist would provide a courtesy car while it was in AND get this, we would jump the queue so even though the Guiseley dealership had no spaces to book us in, they have to accept the car (as come from LR Assist) AND have to look at it and report back within 48 hours – WOW.

So, we have a rental Range Rover Evoque that is quite a nice car, albeit a lot smaller than Bruce, it is somewhat technology packed – for example, it has dual view TV / NAV / etc screen (passenger sees a DIFFERENT image to the driver – hence can watch TV while driver got navigation info on screen), about 6 cameras all around the vehicle and hence can reverse parallel park itself (I kid you not) etc.  It has a panoramic glass roof that Olly thinks is awesome 🙂

Hopefully we will get Bruce back by the weekend with a clean bill of health and a bill that is covered by the warranty (given that this problem was had before (at last service) and LR covered the cost of two complete new hubs including discs etc.


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