Elliot unwell :-(

Poor Elliot cried in the car n the way home from school with a tummy ache. daddy just assumed it was because he was hungry so got straight to work with some dinner for them. He wouldn’t eat it all and was crying again although now with headache, hand ache, face ache etc etc. So, he went up to bed and snuggled up and dropped off for a snooze.

We checked his temperature and low and behold he had a raised temperature so we supplied him with some calpol and within an hour or so he came round again.

He has been telling us that he has felt unwell for the last couple of days but sadly daddy just thought it was anxiety for an upcoming book fair at school. Turns out daddy was wrong to make that assumption.

We are hoping it is a quick thing as Elliot handles being unwell as well as daddy šŸ™

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