Spring is in the air…

Tyler came round to play today (and is hoping for a sleep over – let’s just see how their relative behaviour is first… ūüôā ) and the bos were adamant that they wanted to play outside. ¬†They played out for about 4 hours in the end, including playing with the dogs. ¬†Obviously¬†Pepsi was uninterested in playing given he is a miserable old hound, but Max was up for it. ¬†The sun has been out all day, with temperatures actually touching 10 degrees Celsius¬†believe¬†it or not.

Accordingly it is going to get cold again tomorrow – let’s hope not, it has been lovely today and long may it continue. ¬†Daddy was actually tempted to sit outside and work under the gazebo it was that warm ūüôā

Oliver is not in these photos as he went to the Kirklees Light Railway in Clayton West with mummy, Paula and Cayton.  Cayton has got slightly better today (hence they went out) but is clearly still under the weather, the poor little monkey.  Hopefully he will steam out of the illness and get well real soon.




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