Sundown Adventureland day

We head out EARLY to get to Sundown Adventureland for opening time : 10am.

We were tooled up with a picnic that mummy and daddy had collected from the Ossett Co-Op last night and mummy put together this morning before getting a shower.

We met Lee, Caroline and Jessica (Jessica from Elliot’s class in school) at the door and head in. It has been beautiful blue skies all day with a nice warming sun and thankfully little in the way of winds to chill everything down. While it was still pretty cold (less than 7 Celsius) we all had a wonderful time, basking in the sunshine, enjoying the park to the max. We were the first in and pretty much the last to leave after 4pm…


Today has definitely been the nicest weather day of the year so far as well as one of the most fun.

We stopped (the Rusts) off for Sunday dinner on the way home to minimise the stuff that needed doing when we got home (bath etc)

We are all exhausted after a full day outside wandering around the park. Daddy nearly fell asleep in the second indoor play centre at 3:15pm !!

BIG sleeps coming up tonight…

School holidays start NOW. Mummy, Elliot and Oliver are going out with Paula and Cayton tomorrow – to the Middleton Railway – Olly and Cayton will have a ball 🙂

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