Big weekend – playtime and sleepover at cuckoos

Elliot invited his friend Euan round to play on Saturday afternoon for a few hours – so naturally we were slightly nervous as to whether he would play nicely and more importantly share successfully. Also there was the little issue of Oliver and how he would react / be involved. We were amazed at how well it all went and the fact that Elliot actually sat back and shared everything without question including offering Euan carte Blanche of the XBOX games to play when Euan asked to play something else. The boys seemed to have a fantastic time so we chalked it down as a successful play date 🙂

Hopefully they will want to play again soon.

The boys then ere collected by Granny Cuckoo for a night in Halifax while mummy and daddy went out for a meal with Mark, Yvonne, Spencer and Kerrie up at 315 near Grange Moor. They boys had a great time although seemingly got little sleep and mummy and daddy also had a great time, although perhaps a little too much alcohol made its way into Simon’s system :-(. When we returned home, he disappeared upstairs to put his jacket away – he returned 5 minutes later in the conservatory with a tumbler of Sambuca in just a t-shirt and underpants. Still can’t remember why he thought it was a) a good idea or b) why he did it at all….. 🙁

Great weekend all told – just next time, daddy, keep your pants on :-s

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