Ready for fun in the snow this weekend…

The meteorogical office have been telling us via various newsreaders for the last 10 days that there is horrific snow coming and each day it has not arrived.  Each day the forecast is that the snow is coming tomorrow – that sort of thing 🙂

Well, we did get a little snow yesterday afternoon and it has pretty much all hung around over night and stayed all day today.  The temperature has not got above 0 Celcius for about 4 days at present and the kids (read Elliot) have complained about being cold each time we have walked from the car to school or from school to the car.  Apparently tonight is THE night and we are deep in anticipation of the white stuff dropping on us tonight.  We have certainly experienced a bit of dry snow blown around us tonight during school collection but it has now stopped 🙁

So, it remains to be seen – will we wake to more snow in the morning?

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