Poor Olly is poorly again today :-(

No school for Olly as he joined us at 4am this morning with a raging temperature again 🙁  Rather than send him to school with the knowledge of his temperature returning just before lunchtime, we decided he should stay home.  Of course with the Calpol in his system, he appears right as rain…

When oh when will the poor little fella rid himself of these temperature issues?

1 thought on “Poor Olly is poorly again today :-(

  1. All morning we waited for the temperature to come back – it didn’t. Naturally we assumed that the little monkey had somehow pulled a sicky :-s. Anyway, the fever and a nasty sounding chesty cough arrived at 4pm and he was reluctant to eat his dinner – throat issues again…. So, he may well have secured a second day off school tomorrow. t the very least he is not going to be swimming after lunch… 🙁

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