Great day out with Thomas at Drayton Manor Park


We spent today in Derbyshire at Drayton Bassett with the Box’s at ThomasLand in the Drayton Manor Park. Thankfully the rain stayed away all day except the 25 minutes that we were indoors watching the Polar Express 4D – which incidentally was VERY good. It got colder as the afternoon progressed to the point that we decided to go for the cars at 5:30 as the fireworks were running. Sadly the fireworks were not as cool as we were all hoping – could have been the fact that we stood in the cold for 30 minutes waiting for them however….

We actually didn’t managed to get to see Father Christmas today as his queue was well over one hour long – although in fairness the boys did not seem hugely disappointed by this.

Poor Elliot is full of cold – as is Gracie – so there’re plenty of sniffles and little coughs today. Olly was, well just Olly :-S

We stopped at the Tame Otter in Lichfield for dinner so we did not get home until nearly 10pm following a quick detour to Kerrie’s house to collect some curtains and curtain rails for Jenny and Justin’s new flat. The boys were flat out in the back of Bruce, so mummy took Olly in and daddy Elly. Elly was in bed asleep approx 6 minutes later – Olly took a little longer as he decided to go for a full on “I am pissed off” approach. Great πŸ™ Particularly since we had been treated to about 40 minutes of crying before we actually got home….. πŸ™

Oh well, long days and short nights over the weekend are catching up with them both – the boys were at Grannie Cuckoos over the weekend and we are guessing didn’t get as much sleep as they could have…. πŸ™‚

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