Great day on the Mountain bikes at Llandegla, Wales

Yesterday, daddy, uncle Tim, Cousin James and Lee (Jessica from Elliot’s class daddy) head out to Llandegla in North Wales for a trip out with the mountain bikes. It was a cold (2C) start ad didn’t get any warmer but there was no wind and no rain to speak of so it did not actually feel very cold.

We all did around 12 to 14 miles depending on whether the black routes were taken or not. all told, it took somewhere in the region of 3 1/2 hours to complete and we all had a great time. suspect that daddy and Cousin James may just feel a tad sore either today or tomorrow as it has been a while since last doing this sort of thing and this was a MONSTER of a ride…

Daddy had leg issues from about mile 9 where his thighs were just worn out plain and simple :-). Perhaps taking the black run was not the smartest idea after all :-). Very pleased to have done it though 🙂

Elliot went to a birthday part in Dewsbury with mummy for two of the children in his year at school – it was a go-karting party with battery powered karts. The kids all had a great time it seems.

Today we are heading out for lunch in Walton, near Wetherby and then a couple of hours at Stockeld Park with Jessica and parents. Hopefully the rain / snow will hold off for us 🙂

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