First mid week swimming session at Grandma’s and Olly poorly :-(

We decided to help improve the boys swimming, we would have mid-week swimming at Grandma’s pool and Grandma kindly offered to do tea for us all to boot. Today was our first session and poor Olly only managed about 2 minutes 🙁

Vicky got a call from Mrs Lindenmayer (Oliver’s teacher and Headmistress at Silcoates SunnyHill) at lunchtime to say that Olly was suffering from a temperature but that the Calpol seemed to have had the desired effect of controlling it. We decided to collect him early so went to pick him up just before 3pm so that we could nip up and collect Elliot at 3:20 and then head to the pool. Oliver was subdued when we got him, and the teachers told us that he had been that way for most of the day, cuddling his blanket all afternoon and NOT having eaten anything at lunchtime. However, he was ADAMANT that he wanted to go swimming so we decided to let him in and see how he got on. He managed a couple of minutes and the poor mite was shivering big time and requested he got a shower and warm clothes on. So, his first mid-week swim was significantly cut short. It is pretty likely that he will be taking a day off school tomorrow also, but I guess we’ll see how he sleeps and how he is in the morning before making that call…

Elliot on the other hand has enjoyed a 30 minute swim and it is clear that he has learned things at school during swimming and that we could do with just getting him more practise and then he will be doing great. He has already got additional swimming lessons on Tuesday evenings for three weeks after school coming up, so with the additional stuff we are planning, we hope to be able to help him gain the additional skills to crack it.


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