Olly bored with school now….

Well, Vicky predicted that Olly would bore of school in two to three weeks right back one his second day. she has typically been proven quite right as he has not wanted to go to school any day this week. Today he was better than the previous four days but we think that was because it was only a half day (swimming at the big school in the afternoons on Fridays).

Hopefully next week will be better. Cross your fingers for us.

We traded the Porsche (Bobby) in this week (Wednesday) and are now the proud owners of a year old BMW 118d M Sport in metallic black called Emily. Emily purports to be able to do 60+ mpg and costs a whole £30 per year in road fund license :-). Given Bruce and Tina are almost £500 each, that is pretty damned good value :-). Oliver is pleased as punch about Emily’s appearance as he is mad about BMW’s for some reason. He actually refused to get in mummy’s car yesterday after school as daddy was out in Leeds with Emily.

Tina was put up for sale last weekend although there has been no serious buyers in the frame yet 🙁

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