The rain has arrived :-)

Last night the heavens opened and an almighty downpour ensued. It was actually pretty quick to dry up on the driveway etc, but then rained again throughout the night – great as the grass seeds may get additional help to grow now 🙂

Simon got off to Sherwood Pines today with Tim for the first time in nearly six months – was a great run although Barbara threw him off about half way around and knocked the wind clean out of him. No damage to Barbara but he has a couple of grazes etc. Unlucky…

Typical that the weather has changed just before he half term break – guess we may not be doing quite as many outdoor activities next week as we had hoped for.

Vicky and Simon went into school last night to see what the plans are for the end of term Filey Trip. There are quite a few other parents also going along so Simon managed to get himself a seat on the bus (previously we had only requested a seat for Vicky). Let’s hope for a non rainy day as it would really suck if it rained :-(. There are two coaches going with children, teachers and some parents from foundation through to year 2. Should be real fun:-)

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