Sensational weekend…

WOW – what a weekend – 27+ degrees BOTH days and not a single cloud to be seen over the whole weekend 🙂

We therefore spent the whole weekend in the garden, ensuring that we maximised the time that we had with the sun.

Tyler stayed over on Friday night and while they (Elliot and Tyler) did not go to sleep until well after 10:30pm, they were both wide awake and dressed at 5am (Elliot usually takes around 30 minutes to come around so… 🙁 ).  We had the paddling pool out for Pepsi and Max although by mid-afternoon, they were not getting a look in – Elliot, Oliver and Tyler took over the running of the pool 🙂

Water load of fun :-)

It seem that Tyler and Elliot were singing and dancing during this shot 🙂

The BBQ was cranked on and we had a fab evening meal with Clare, Frank and all the kids.

Simon has also planted the grass seed in the areas that need grass to grow and filled in some top soil, so hopefully we will see fuller grassed areas in the coming weeks 🙂  We also managed to cut the hedge along the rear of the garden and will finish it during the week once the old clippings have been taken away on Tuesday morning.

We have two more days of nice weather ahead of us this week apparently and then the rain comes on Wednesday and the temperature drops back down to 12-15 degrees Celcius.

Enjoy it while you can 🙂


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