Sleep over at Grannie Rusts :-)

The boys packed their backpacks yesterday and we took them over to Halifax – they were off on their second sleep over.  They were pretty excited as they knew that there was going to be lots of garden digging etc fun to be had. They were apparently not let down with mucho gardening etc in Nards back yard 🙂 They were able to check in on the status of the seeds that they planted out a few weeks ago – guessing that they will be wanting to return in the coming weeks to see how things are progressing 🙂

They slept at Nards and Olly said “Grandma Cuckoo, I like it at Nard’s house but I prefer your house, because there is no bath at yours so I don’t have to have a bath” – cheeky monkey 🙂

Mummy and daddy on the other hand were coming back to Ossett as we were heading out for dinner at the Hepworth with Kerrie and Spencer.  We enjoyed a great meal at the restaurant with wine a flowing and to SImon’s dismay – there was NO Sambuca available after coffee 🙁 So, it was over to Tequila 🙁 Simon’s not so sure of tequila as a suitable Sambuca replacement …. However, he did have 4 of the buggers so maybe they not THAT bad 🙂

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