Are we seeing the summer on its way?

We have enjoyed quite a few hours of garden play time in the last week or so – betwixt the rain showers of course.  Olly enjoyed the sunshine ALL DAY on his birthday which was a result.

The kids are enjoying getting outside and the dogs seem to be enjoying it as well – Elliot plays tug o war with Max and Pepsi simply sits by watching 🙂 He gets bored really quickly and probably doesn’t enjoy the pull in his legs either… 🙁

Daddy moved the monkey puzzle tree out of the back garden and transplanted it into the front garden yesterday, so we will see if the poor thing has survived – it has grown maybe 6 or 8 inches in height in the last 7 years – as a comparison, a similar tree in Grandmas garden has grown more than 6 feet…  He also did a little weeding and some grass seed sowing.

Mummy and daddy went to Whiteley’s for lunch with Auntie Anita and Auntie Clare yesterday and lardy daddy ate one and a half key lime pies following a steak sandwich and chips… He claims it to have been the best key lime pie he has ever eaten and hence why he needed more.

We are going to see if we can find new storage for the conservatory today as the existing setup is woefully inadequate 🙁 We will also be performing a cull of the toys in the room at the same time 🙂

So this leaves the following to do items around the house:

  • garage to reorganise
  • 2 conifer trees for the rear garden
  • Bedroom curtains
  • grass weed and feed and general upkeep in the back garden
  • move the play centre in the back garden to more of a central location (involves removing the paving slabs outside the back door 🙁
  • put pictures up on the walls around the house

This is just the starter for 10 list – there are bound to be many many more such as polish and wax Bruce and Tina, look at replacing the driveway in the front garden and replant the edges of the drive (after extending the driveway slightly to better accomodate cars.

Oh well, the fun just continues.  Oh and boys weekend this weekend as mummy is going to London for the weekend with Kerrie and Yvonne…

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