Day 3 – Water park, erm, no shopping, erm no, Magic Kingdom

It has just been one of those days today – we had planned to go out tow water park before Amy and Jason arrived, but after breakfast it became clear that the rain clouds and wind were not going to leave any time soon. The evaluation was that it would be too cold to go to a water park and boy was that a smart piece of thinking…

So we thought about shopping for a few minutes and then when we realised that the Pirates League was a none starter – we called them for an appointment at anytime during this week and found that there were no places at the inn :-(. This made up our mind to head into Magic Kingdom and check out the Pirates of the Caribbean ride out for ourselves.

The ride itself was actually pretty poor in many respects, although clearly has cost a small fortune to build, the shop outside had some incredible gear in it. sadly, Elliot needs a medium for the outfits and they only had small and x-small in stock. Apparently more stock in tomorrow so fingers crossed….

We wandered around most of the park and went on a few other rides in futureland – more fun here tomorrow 🙂

The boys are really tired and have just not caught up on their sleep patterns so hopefully another good night tonight will help with this.

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