Number 16 – rented :-)

So, we took the keys and all relevant certificates for gas and electrics etc for both 16 and 4 to the letting agent on Monday morning.  He came round on Monday afternoon to check them out, took photos of number 16 (since it was finished), got them on the internet on Mnday night.  The first viewing was on Tuesday evening but was a none starter since the couple were already in a two bed on the estate and realised that the bedrooms were smaller in the 3 bed than their existing 2 (we are aware of the size differential given that we have one of each of these houses ourselves).  A second viewer saw the property on Wednesday lunchtime and almost immediately placed a holding deposit and paid his application fees – result.  The letting agent then had to cancel on the other 2 or 3 intereste parties…. 🙂

So we are pretty pleased that we managed to get it rented as quickly as we did – a total testament to the hard work that we put in 🙂

So, we carry on with number 4 – we had hoped to be finished by the end of today, but alas this is not to be 🙁

The upstairs is complete excepting a couple of windowsills and the gloss work on the staircase woodwork.

The downstairs emulsion is done in the hall and the lounge so there is just the kitchen and toilet to do.  Then, we need to jump onto the gloss work and clean the kitchen out.  There are a couple of other remedial things that we need to sort but they are pretty small items that should be pretty easy to sort out.

We did the garden today and the Ossett window cleaner has kindly cleaned up the windows and sorted the guttering etc – the home next door has issues on their roof which may well cause us problems downstream.  Basically the cement under their tiles has pretty much all come out and has slipped down the gulley into our guttering – so we may well end up with damp issues – we will be keeping our eye on it – there is no evidence of damp at this time.

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