Paint city…

We have spent a whole 5+ hours in number 16 today with paint brushes in hand 🙂  We have given all three bedrooms a fresh coat on the ceiling and we believe that they are finished now.  We also decided to make a start on te gloss work, so have got one coat on all the bedroom skirting boards, the door frames and three doors.

We also decided to attempt to patch up the two damaged doors rather than replace them, so the first level of filler has been applied and sanded slightly in readiness for the second and final application tomorrow.

We also got the old oven out today and it is now in the garden awaiting skipping tomorrow. – the decision to replace it took place a couple of days back – cleaning it was proving nigh on impossible – we don’t think it had been cleaned at all in the 9 years of service since the house was built sadly.

Grandma and Granddad came by and took some measurements to nip to Stax in order to buy the replacement oven and other goodies to allow us to close in on completing the house in readiness for renting.

The boys played downstairs in the lounge reasonably well for the whole time so we were very lucky – sadly it was raining today so they were not able to get outside to play 🙁

Tomorrow, we will be returning for a couple of hours to try to get the emulsion on the walls in the main bedroom and maybe the second room.  The smoke smell has pretty much gone now and what is left is a smell of rotting wood.  The wood under the sink in the kitchen has now been removed and a replacement is being prepared – this was a significant cause of rotting smell, so this should be one down.  We are also replacing the woodwork behind the lavatory bowl in the house bathroom, as it has also sustained water damage.

We have also seen the plumber from Scarths this weekend. He was sorting a couple of leaky areas in the plumbing work and then tidying up the area under the kitchen sink (read replacing).

Finally, we got word from number 4, the tenants are moving out on the 17th of March and hence we will be able to take a look then to determine what will be required in order to ready it for new tenants.


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