Operation clean up begins…

So we began the clean up operation on Wednesday morning in number 16.  We decided very quickly that the carpets needed to come out, so Simon cut them out and then removed them to the tip on Thursday.  Darren came around and measured up and consequently the new carpets are going in on the 17th March 🙂

So, the big clean has begun with the first coat of paint having been put down in the blue room upstairs.  The blue room was where we believe the majority of the smoking took place so it was the smelliest of all upstairs rooms.  Simon also took down the shed in the back garden and also got it away to the tip on Thursday with Great Grandma’s help.

Vicky has got the toilets and bathrooms cleaned, although we have needed to replace various plugs and plug chains along the way.

The kitchen doors are all going to be taken off and we are going to spray paint them to return them to their original colour of white – sadly the smoking and grease has turned them a brown/yellow colour that will not clean off.  We also find that the oven is proving far too difficult to clean up, so a replacement is now on the cards.  The great news is that the first tenant of this house is going to find themselves using brand new stuff in a lot of the house 🙂

We are just struggling to string together enough hours to be able to crack on and get it all ready for new tenants.  Hopefully we will be able to get some hours in tomorrow.

Today we are heading back to Newcastle to take Great Grandma home – will be sad to see her go as she has been great to have around and the boys have really enjoyed her staying – Oliver specifically 🙂 AND he takes notice of his Great Grandma !!!

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