Day 9 – end of play photos…

We are cooking on the gas it seems (so to speak) but highly unlikely to be complete by te end of tomorrow.  The kitchen surfaces arrived and were fitted today 🙂 Only the breakfast bar surface was not cut correctly so has had to go back to be edited (can’t cut and polish it onsite) 🙁  The microwave is in place (just needs power supplying) and all of the under surface lights are in and functional (can see this on the photo 🙂 )  It seems that we are in the last furlong for the kitchen now as well with the gas hob going in first thing tomorrow and then just finishing pieces such as the separator in the pan drawer and the cutlery dividers etc to go in.  The plasterer is coming on Monday, so we should be painting on either Monday night or Tuesday at some point.

The house bathroom is 95% complete with just the shower screen to go up and then the sealant applying all around.  Hopefully the screen will arrive tomorrow although the sealing will definitely take place tomorrow.

The tiling in the ground floor toilet will begin and hopefully be completed tomorrow and then the fittings go in either tomorrow or next week (most likely).

Overall, the house is in a real state with a significant portion of dust etc that we are really looking forward to seeing the back of over the coming days…

Kitchen and Utility:

Day 9 - Kitchen #1

Day 9 - Utility

Day 9 - Kitchen #2

House Bathroom:

Day 9 - House Bathroom #1

Day 9 - House Bathroom #2


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