Day 4 – end of play photos…

As usual, we start with the kitchen – work has commenced in the utility room today (so sadly that means that we have NO means of washing stuff up without using a bathroom 🙁

We di have a small challenge during the day that was basically we needed more of the laminate flooring in the kitchen AND downstairs bathroom if the work was going to look properly finished.  We were in luck with the kitchen as the local guy still had four boards – cost all of 5 UKP and now the job is done.  We were less lucky with the bathroom in that the flooring was discontinued some time ago and there are no more pieces left – so we have decided to replace the flooring in the small bathroom.  A deal has been struck with the company fitting the kitchen and they will fit it for a modest fee, leaving Vicky and Simon to just need to go and find the new flooring today (Friday)  Anway, onto the photos from last night…

Day 4 - Kitchen #1

Day 4 - Kitchen #2

Day 4 - Utility Room

The house bathroom is really taking shape nicely – 75% of the tiling has now been done – see the photos…

Day 4 - Bathroom #1

Day 4 - Bathroom #2

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