Confirmed (again), Simon has the best wife….

Simon definitely has the best wife on the planet (just in case you had not already realised it).  Last week she suggested that Simon and Tim take a two day break to Las Vegas to shoot guns etc before we start the RV trip.  So we set off on Monday morning and came back on Wednesday evening, and had a blast.  Not only this but Vicky stayed home and completed the packing before the RV adventure starts later today…

We walked the strip seeing all the relevant sights, had a romantic lunch in the restaurant 911 feet up in the Stratosphere (revolving restaurant that makes a full 360 degrees every 1 hour 25 minutes), and of course went to the shooting range to watch others shoot.  In this case, Simon watched Tim shoot and Tim watched Simon.  This caused one of the biggest laughs of the trip – ask Tim about Simon and ripping through the belt- funny story about how instruction cane be interpreted SO differently by people in the same room listening to the SAME instruction 😀

We watched the sirens of Treasure Island and finished the trip off with a trip out to the Grand Canyon on a helicopter with Mustang Helicopters – for Simon this was the best bit – just an awesome experience.

To be sat in the basin of the Canyon was an experience to not miss if you ever get the opportunity – the helicopter dropped 4,000 feet into the canyon in just minutes.  Once we had a bit to eat and a drink, we rose 5,000 feet to get back out again – an immense place made easy with this 8 seat jet helicopter – a mere $2.5m to buy 🙂

Oh yes, and we had to pass the hoover dam to get to the Canyon….

As you can maybe see, the lake caused by the dam (Lake Mead) is only half full at present – apparently not a great deal of snow up in Colorado (where the Colorado River that feeds the dam comes from).  The dam was not anywhere near as impressive (in our opinion) up close, but from the air definitely looked as impressive as the movies portray it 🙂

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